Building Confidence: Best Ways For You



Perhaps building our confidence is something we’ll always have to work at, but thankfully there are lots of confidence aids and confidence building websites with helpful material. Here are 3 quick ways to help you build your confidence and improve the way you and others feel about you.

Building Confidence Tips

1. Hold yourself tall to build confidence

You can judge that a person has low confidence from a mile off. They walk with their heads down, their eyes cast to the ground and shoulders bent. It’s a documented fact that people treat you better if they think you’re important. Important people are confident. They command attention and respect even before they open their mouths. You don’t have to be powerful to attract attention. You just have to be perceived to be powerful. Hold yourself tall, stomach in, chest out and head up. Think yourself important and others will treat you that way. The way others treat you rubs off on the way you feel about yourself. This confidence building tip is a virtuous circle. In short, fake it until you make it.

2. Study yourself in the mirror to build confidence

Build your confidence by promoting the best things about yourself – to yourself. Part of the reason you feel less confident is because you have feelings of inadequacy. These feelings have been borne out of you losing touch of all the things you’re good at. Study yourself in the mirror carefully and look for all the things that are great about your body. Take in your best bits and concentrate on them well. Whenever you feel less than confident recall these great points about yourself and let them help you be proud of yourself. In the same way, write down all the best traits of your personality and always let these shine through when you meet someone new. You can only ever be you. Therefore, work your best attributes to make yourself stand out. You’ll feel better about who you are because even if you’re good at just one thing, it’s one thing you can do better than anyone else.

3. Surround yourself with positive people to build confidence

Negative people suck your energy like vampires. If you are low in confidence to begin with, negative people actually make it worse. Rubbish TV with low-life people, magazines filled with sorry stories of rich, badly behaved celebrities all contribute to a life of negative, dark influences which cast a dark cloud over your life. Free yourself from this dark influence you inflict on yourself and the way you feel. Improve confidence and bring back the spark in your life by sticking with the positive people from whom you learn good, helpful habits and a better way of being and thinking. A positive outlook improves the way you feel about yourself, it makes you more able to achieve your goals. Good feelings and achievement boost your confidence like no other element in life.

4.  Build Confidence with Affirmations

If you want to build self-esteem, affirmations are a vital part of your confidence toolbox. The habitual thoughts that you have every moment of the day are what drive your feelings. When you have confident thoughts, you feel confident. When you have negative, self-critical thoughts, you feel down about yourself.

It makes sense then, that if you can change the thoughts you have, you can directly transform your confidence. One of the best ways to change the habitual thoughts you have is by confidence affirmations.

Conclusion to building confidence

These four points will really set you on the right path to building confidence. You will find the answers you’ve always sought in your life by just taking the first steps to help yourself feel better about who you are. Building your confidence won’t happen overnight. Little steps will take you on this journey. I can show you how to get your foot on the first rung of the ladder you need to climb.

Article Source:  Anne Lyken-Garner
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