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isabellaI have always had a very deep interest in personal empowerment ever since I read the book “Excuse Me Your Life Is Waiting” by Lynn Grabhorn. This book helped me rise from the brink of despair. It transformed my life and this passion continues as I actively seek out opportunities to further develop and enhance my knowledge and skills.

Another of my inspirational teachers is Dr Joe Dispenza.  I have attended his 4-Day Advanced Workshop where I learned many amazing things about my mind, the central nervous system and my chakras or energy systems. I also learned about vibration, the connection between the mind and the body’s organs and about our magical connection to other worlds through the Pineal gland. I would describe Dr Joe Dispenza as a modern yogi of science.isca-cert-web2

It is because of this passion I became an Accredited Transformative Life Coach, trained through The Inspired Spiritual Coaching Academy where I learned coaching skills using the Law of Attraction principles.

By using the Law of Attraction and Quantum Physics Principles,  I love creating mind-body visualisations to help others to transform their lives in creating their own success.

What I enjoy is helping people globally to improve their lives.

These body-mind visualisations are for people who are interested in self-awareness, Law of Attraction and Quantum Physics.  It all starts with changing your mindset.  When you become self-aware you will be able to notice how you really feel, think and behave and you grow as a person. You develop self-acceptance and this in turn makes you more accepting of others. You become more self-reliant and self-motivated. These are the qualities that help you to continue growing as a person and to be successful in your chosen field.

The benefits of visualization will soon become apparent to you and you’ll want to use this unlimited power to accomplish one goal after another. Go for it! Whatever you want is within your grasp. But you’ve got to be willing to stick your hand out to seize it.

I can’t wait for YOU to start using my mind-body visualisations to help you achieve your dreams!

Looking forward to hearing about your experiences.

To your greatness
Isabella Manetti

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