Range of Powerful Guided Affirmation Recordings MP3’s

Affirmations Embedded With Theta Binaural Beats
Abundance & Wealth Creation: Body: Relationship:
Attract Wealth Mindset Ideal Weight Goal Attract Love
Attract Abundance Mindset    
Healthy Mind: Self Improvement:
Confidence Mindset Be Happy Mindset  
Positive Mindset Gratitude Mindset  
Overcome Anxiety Self-Acceptance Mindset  
Release Fear Success Mindset  
  Action Power  
  Increase Motivation  
  Power of Intention  

Now is the time to remove your negative thoughts and behaviors, and replace them with the power of affirmations.

These powerful affirmations are designed to help you develop a positive attitude to radically change your life. They support your positive thinking and together they form a very powerful and effective tool. They function as ‘key words’ of positive messages ‘dictated’ directly to the self.

You can basically have anything you want! This tool, if used correctly, will help you change, grow, and heal yourself.

When you start the affirmations, listen to them for at least 30 days. Depending on the seriousness of the problem you may need more time and more affirmations to achieve your goals.

Don’t get discouraged, impatient or stop listening to them if nothing happens in a week or two. Just remember that you didn’t become this way overnight!


  • Visualize your affirmations with feelings and emotion.
  • Use stereo headphones to get the best results out of these life-changing affirmations
  • Do not listen to these visualisations whilst driving or using heavy machinery.  It is best to find a quiet comfortable place where you will not be disturbed during this affirmation process.

Find out more here about the benefits of affirmations and why it is the utmost importance of listening to your affirmations daily.

Each recording is embedded with Theta binaural beats. The binaural beats phenomenon is the key to manifest what you desire in life.Find out more here.