Finding the Power Within You to Succeed

There is only one key to success — you. The power within you to create the life you want is very real and accessible to everyone. It’s as easy as using your mind. There’s a reason people say to succeed you only need to “put your mind to it.” With the power of the mind, you can accomplish almost anything. Using it in combination with your senses increases its effectiveness. With vision, you can imagine. With touch, you can create storyboards of your dreams coming true. And with speech, you can tell yourself all things are possible.

Here are a few simple ways to put the power of your mind to work.

Affirmations and Positive Self-Talk:

Most people can talk themselves into being sick; the more you say you feel ill, the worse you feel. The same is true in the positive. Say nice things and nice things will happen. Daily affirmations and regular use of positive self-talk will, over time, put you in the mindset to create accept the success that you experience.

The Sticky Note Trick:

Many people have a hard time remembering their affirmations. It is also easy to forget to recite them daily. Write each one on a large notecard-sized sticky and post them in places you see daily. On your bathroom mirror. Next to the kitchen light switch. Recite them each time you see them.

Using Imagery and Meditation:

The power of your imagination is unending. Spending time each day in meditation will eliminate the clutter of your mind and allow crystal clear direction to enter. Visualize success by vividly imagining it, and you will intuitively bring into your life the people and situations you need to bring it to fruition.

The power within your own mind is an amazing thing. Used properly it can yield astonishing results. Combine your thought process with any of the five senses and you’ve created a new tool for success. Whether you use speech for affirmations, vision for imagery, or sound for a relaxing background to meditation, you are unlocking the possibilities. The only secret to success is within yourself, within your power, and well within your reach.

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To your greatness

Isabella Manetti
Transformative Life Coach

Photo by Ahmed Carter on Unsplash
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