Harness the Power of Visualization

Living a full, productive, satisfying life is something that we all hope for.

If we are parents, we hope our children will attain this as they grow. If we are getting older, and we look back on our lives, it is what we hope to see.

As humans, so far as we know, we only get this one chance to live life the way we want, and experience all we intend by the time it’s over. This is why making the most of our day-to-day lives is so important.

The process of creative visualization can enable us to get so much more out of our days – if we know how to properly harness and utilize that power.

First, it helps to understand what creative visualization is NOT, as it often gets confused with more esoteric techniques.

Creative visualization has no rituals, chants, or magical ceremonies.

It is not witchcraft or black magic, nor does it have anything to do with religious practice whatsoever. It is not anything supernatural or un-natural or other-worldly, and it doesn’t involve anything other than your own brain power.

While creative visualization can be considered spiritual, it’s just as likely not to be considered so. That depends on the individual.

Creative visualization is, at its very core, simply making an effort to focus your brain and your thinking on a goal to be achieved. You can think about it any way you want – sitting up, lying down, or any combination thereof. You can have music playing, or visualize in complete silence.

Keep your eyes open, or close them. The choice is up to you.

Like meditation, it’s a personal decision how and where you do your visualizing.

It’s also your personal decision on what you visualize for – what goal, experience, or physical object would you like to attain?

Creative visualization is nothing more than intent, really. You’re acknowledging that you intent to take a course of action in order to attain a goal. The visualization part of things often helps you figure out the exact ways to get what you want, and how to go about it.

The power of the mind has been said to be limitless, and utilizing visualization is just one process to use to harness that mind power to get what we want out of life on a day-to-day basis.

So, no matter what your religious beliefs, there is nothing to be wary of when it comes to performing creative visualization.

It’s all-natural, and it works

Article source: Leon Edwards

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Hi Isabella,

Enjoyed this article, thanks!
I use creative visualisation myself and find it works wonders in creating a desired outcome for a particular situation.
But visualisation, as I’m sure you’ll agree, is more than just imagining, or thinking about a positive outcome. Using what we know about how the brain works, visualisation is quite a directed process; it really takes effort. You need to focus in minute detail on each and every muscle movement involved in the action you’re hoping to go well. Drilling down on each individual movement, really concentrating on it is what makes the visualisation successful because we can use the power of our brain to ‘run through’ the activity before it’s even happened. This is how elite athletes use visualisation.
Anyhow, enjoying your blog!
Cheers, Vickie

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