Mindset For Success – The Power of Positive Thinking

If there was one thing that proved to be my biggest challenge or most difficult obstacle during my rugby days it was consistently having the correct mindset- that mindset for success.

You’re hear it time and time again, but it really is true; having a positive mindset is the silver bullet to success.

This is no better illustrated than in the success of Russian Athletes.

During the 70s and 80s athletes from Eastern Bloc countries such East German and Russia dominated many form of international sports, and particularly Olympic sports.

With the end of the Cold War and has a consequence the fall of the iron curtain, many of their secrets to sporting success were revealed to the outside world.

Do you want to know how they achieved such dominance?

Well, one of the major contributory factors was that these the former Warsaw Pact countries extensively used positive mental conditioning.

Since that time, positive thinking methods are prevalent and extensively used by people in all walks of life whether it’s in sport, business, medicine etc

What’s Sabotaging Your Mindset For Success

Have to look at your own life for minute or two.

– Do you continually experience negative results in your life?

– Do many of your friends feel that you have an unnatural run of bad luck?

– Do you regularly exercise yet still find it difficult to lose weight?

– Does every business venture you try consistently end in failure?

– Do you have health problems?

– Do you have difficulty establishing healthy relationships or fail to attract your soul mate?

These are some of the indicators of the pervasive negativity programs that keep running in your subconscious and you need to deal with them.

You need to consciously download into your subconscious the positive mental software that will change your life.

Simple Steps Toward A Mindset For Success

I had some of these same issues as you may have many years ago.

But one day I decided enough was enough.

Below are some easy steps that I initially took to deal with them, which is something that anybody can follow:

Step 1: Write down/list your goals- make a list, a specific, measurable, attainable and realistic list.

Step 2: Change Your internal dialogue- This is your internal conversation. You have to look at all obstacles, tasks, life itself in a more positive view.

Simply put your internal mind must say — Be Positive.

Step 3: Do daily positive mental rehearsals and affirmations. – Use affirmation of targets and goals as your daily mantra. Find a quiet place to see, visualize your goals and their realization.

The Power of Positive Thinking has changed my life and it has changed the lives of countless others as well.

So I urge you to start developing that mindset for success today, and you too can be a part of this amazing phenomenon.

Article Source:  Rhodri Jones

To excel in life and achieve all your goals then you must possess the correct mindset. You can and will accomplish so much more in life when you have a have an attitude of mind that expects success. Create the secrets to unlocking the door to everything you hoped and dreamed for with a powerful mindset for success through your powerful Personalised Visualisation Process.

Photo by Alex Vans-Colina on Unsplash


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