The Power of Personal Development and Success


Personal development is the key to success, happiness and prosperity. The secret to making your life better is in making yourself better. In this article you will learn the secrets to turning your dreams and aspirations into your reality.

Everything you want in life can be yours if you learn to make the most of your hidden potential.

This is why personal development is the essential prerequisite to obtaining success in life.

Let me introduce the idea and explore the strategy of using personal development as the means for attracting more success. This may contradict the popular notion often held that success is some mysterious golden object that we must pursue. The truth is you are better off if you don’t pursue success, but instead, make it come to you.

Personal Development And The Pursuit For Success

The process of focusing on improving yourself has some interesting consequences. You will find that the world will expand with the expansion of your personal development skills and self-discipline. The abundance of that larger, new world will be attracted to you in direct proportion to the rate of your personal development.

As you grow through personal development, you’ll find that you’ve acquired what can only be described as a mysterious magnetic power.

This magnetic force is a by-product of your dominant thoughts and when those thoughts are focused on success with a positive expectant attitude you will ultimately attract success into your life. Once you master this concept you will no longer have to pursue success as it will now be pursuing you.

To many this is a completely foreign concept and unfortunately most will allow their fears and doubts to dictate the outcomes in their life. I call these the “if only crowd.” if only I could live somewhere else! If only I had a better boss! If only I could find the right person my life would be complete! As they see it, life would be a lot better if only the world were nicer to them. Little do they think about making positive choices and motivated strides toward the improvement of their personal development.

The Fundamental Laws of Success

What eludes so many really isn’t that difficult to understand. It’s one of those fundamental laws of living that everyone ought to be aware of, and would be aware of if they were not so wrapped up in the never-ending search for excuses in life. This law is as strong as the law of gravity. The law that I am talking about clearly expresses the fact that we can change our world through our personal development. That’s right we can change our world if we can change ourselves.

Perhaps inside, we all have an understanding of this law but we fail to acknowledge it because that would, in a direct way be putting the responsibility on us. We probably don’t like the prospect of the work involved in changing ourselves through our personal development. We somehow kid ourselves into thinking it is easier to change the world around us without changing ourselves.

But then again, deep down inside, most of us do know that if we want better relationships, we have to work on getting along with other people.

If we want more money, we need to improve our worth in the marketplace. If we want better health, we will have to live a healthy lifestyle.

Deep down most of us do know that getting what we want must start with our own personal development.

When you think about it, would you really want it any other way? The system places control of our lives in our hands. We get to decide how our lives will turn out, and once we begin fulfilling our purpose in life, success will begin to pursue us. What a great system!

So, let me ask you about your personal development progress. Are you growing? What are you doing to become a more complete person? What aspect of your life would you like to improve? How would you improve the direction your life is taking? These questions suggest some of the goals you can set to help you get started on your personal development journey.

Article Source: Howard G Platt


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