Hi Isabella, Thank you for the recording… It’s excellent.. All the best. Chris, Western Australia

Hi Isabella. It’s 7 o’clock. I am here in Montevideo and my day has started wonderfully. I listened to your “Raise Your Vibration” recording, and I felt so good afterwards. I felt like KING KONG. I’m letting go of the past. Nothing or no one can stop MEEEE from becoming who I desire to be. ONCE AGAIN THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU ISABELLA !!!  Marcello, Montevideo, Uruguay

I really benefited from this visualisation, it allowed me to specifically get into my future self, I was able to get into a very relaxed meditative state straight away, which is not normally an easy thing to do. I recommend this to anyone who has trouble seeing their dreams as a possibility through their own mind. Your mind matters 🙂 Mike Power, Australia

My session with Isabella was a lovely calming experience. During her powerful customised visualisation to attract abundance in my life, I was able to get quite clear on my vision, clear my mind and release a lot of stress I was dealing with at the time. I felt empowered to reach my goal with the simple yet effective technique you offered. Isabella has a lovely caring nature that shows through in her sessions. Thank you so very much! I would highly recommend a session with Isabella.Tammie Irvine, Queensland, Australia

It was also educational and enlightening!  Isabella helped me hone in on a specific short-term goal I hope to achieve by visualizing and affirming strategies necessary to achieve it! Additionally, she took the time to record a customized visualization session for me, one I can replay at my leisure as I plan my future. The session fostered relaxation, reflection and forward-thinking techniques germane to my success as a goal-oriented person. I found the session tremendously valuable and encourage anyone seeking a comprehensive framework for goal-setting to reach out to Isabella. Kristy, Dallas TX, USA

Isabella’s visualisations for abundance was so powerful I felt focused and positive after each session.  I also started to get money coming into my life in ways that I didn’t expect.  I looked forward to the visualisations and one on one discussions each week.  Isabella’s voice was relaxing, enjoyable to listen to, uplifting and energising at the same time. This was very motivating for me.  The visualisations Isabella gave me has been a great support to my life and business.  I recommend her highly. Gail, South Australia

I am so grateful to Isabella. The wonderful visualization helped me achieve a specific goal in my life. The content of audio is so powerful which it has had a very positive effect on me. I will use this audio to remember myself how wonderful I am, how supportive the universe is and that I can achieve whatever I want. Thank you so much Isabella! Laura Gutiérrez (Mexico)

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