I really benefited from this visualisation, it allowed me to specifically get into my future self, I was able to get into a very relaxed meditative state straight away, which is not normally an easy thing to do. I recommend this to anyone who has trouble seeing their dreams as a possibility through their own mind. Your mind matters ūüôā Mike Power, Australia

My session with Isabella was a lovely calming experience. During her powerful customised visualisation to attract abundance in my life, I was able to get quite clear on my vision, clear my mind and release a lot of stress I was dealing with at the time. I felt empowered to reach my goal with the simple yet effective technique you offered. Isabella has a lovely caring nature that shows through in her sessions. Thank you so very much! I would highly recommend a session with Isabella.Tammie Irvine, Queensland, Australia

It was also educational and enlightening!  Isabella helped me hone in on a specific short-term goal I hope to achieve by visualizing and affirming strategies necessary to achieve it! Additionally, she took the time to record a customized visualization session for me, one I can replay at my leisure as I plan my future. The session fostered relaxation, reflection and forward-thinking techniques germane to my success as a goal-oriented person. I found the session tremendously valuable and encourage anyone seeking a comprehensive framework for goal-setting to reach out to Isabella. Kristy, Dallas TX, USA

Isabella’s visualisations for abundance was so powerful I felt focused and positive after each session.¬† I also started to get money coming into my life in ways that I didn’t expect.¬† I looked forward to the visualisations and one on one discussions each week.¬† Isabella’s voice was relaxing, enjoyable to listen to, uplifting and energising at the same time. This was very motivating for me.¬† The visualisations Isabella gave me has been a great support to my life and business.¬† I recommend her highly. Gail, South Australia

I am so grateful to Isabella. The wonderful visualization helped me achieve a specific goal in my life. The content of audio is so powerful which it has had a very positive effect on me. I will use this audio to remember myself how wonderful I am, how supportive the universe is and that I can achieve whatever I want. Thank you so much Isabella! Laura Gutiérrez (Mexico)